There are several different types of life insurance, all with a common purpose:
     to protect your loved ones from bearing a large financial burden in the event of your
     premature death.

     Understanding the Basics
     Your needs will change throughout your life, so it’s important to understand the basics, and      periodically review your coverage to ensure that it’s still right for you. There are two basic
     types of insurance: Term Insurance and Permanent Insurance. If you purchase life insurance,      when you die the insurance company will pay a death benefit to the beneficiary or      organization named in the policy. The choice between temporary and permanent insurance
     will depend upon your personal goals and objectives.

     How Much Coverage Do I Need?
     Calculating the right amount of coverage to suit your situation can be difficult, and depends
     on your personal goals and objectives. Call today and let the Barrett Insurance Group consult
     you through this process.